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Where is YOUR career path taking you?

Choosing where you work can be a life-changing decision. That's why finding the right fit is so important. When you understand and respect the values of the company you work for, your chances of success improve dramatically.

At Peel Plastics, what truly defines us is a corporate culture that encourages teamwork, creative thinking and an enthusiastic, can-do attitude. We know that our success as a company depends on our employees growing and thriving in their careers. Our growth presents team members with opportunities for promotion and overtime in a non-unionized environment. Proof that we value our people is demonstrated by the fact that, in our 35 year history, we have never laid off a single person, even during slower production periods. That spirit of mutual respect and partnership makes us a leader in flexible packaging. Customers know they can count on us because we know we can count on our people.

If you're looking for a career step that lets you excel, Peel Plastics offers a financially sound, innovative workplace where your skills, work ethic and commitment will take you closer to your career goals.

We are always looking for superior individuals to add to our team.

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